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Do you like to build but also like fight? Reach the top of the feudal ladder in this medieval RPG-builder.
You can play alone or with friends in co-op mode.

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About game

In medieval Europe, being a younger brother was a nasty business. The older brother often saw the younger brother as a threat, so as soon as he got his title and lands, he would get rid of his younger siblings or even kill them.

Exiled brothers were often too proud to work in the villages or as destitute mercenaries. Therefore, they banded together to plunder merchants and surrounding lands. They were well trained and equipped, and were characterized by ambition, which made them formidable opponents. They were called: Raubritters, or robber knights.

Your story begins a little differently. Will you be a paragon of chivalrous virtues or a threat to your neighborhood? This choice is yours.

Climb up the feudal ladder

Raubritter combines such genres as RPG, RTS and survival. The game is designed to depict life, a feudal lord in medieval Europe. The player will have the opportunity to develop his domain from the level of a single crumbling hut to owning a magnificent castle.

Immerse yourself in the medieval world by building, fighting and expieriencing an interesting story that changes due to your choices.


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