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As the oldest and most talented emperor son - Eristan - you have to save the world from the evil that starts growing in your lands. The rumours of your father death has opened a way for your coronation. Therefore your old mentor Nistreth summons you to the capital city of Elion. But this will not be an easy journey...

Decide the faith of the Empire

Pick one of three guilds and lead the country in the way you choose. Bring back one of the old kingdoms, make it a religious state or continue the vision of your father.

Question & Answers

It's a RPG Gothic like game. So basically if you like games of Piranha Bytes you will definitely love this game! (personally - except Piranha games - we enjoy playing Skyrim and Witcher 3)

We are a two person squad. Trying to reach an AAA quality with a small budget.

- first of all we want to make a full voiceover of the game,

- second: add much more cutscenes - invest in technology that help us make our movies much more alive,

- that's basically it ;-) if there will be more money then we need we will use it to market our product and make a free 30h DLC for all that own the game,

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